About Us

Liquid Lollipop is the brainchild of Brian Shenkman, one of the owners of Bulk Candy Store. Brian had been selling candy at large fairs and events for years and knew what kids really wanted for candy. Along with his family, he began to develop a liquid candy dispenser. This wonderful machine would allow children (and the coolest adults) to make their own tubes of mixed liquid candy flavors. They developed the machine and even got a patent on it 8550131. While devloping the machine for the market, they hit a few snags, including COVID.

Liquid Lollipop Candy Machine

Even though the machine was not quite ready for prime time, the family decided they could not deprive the world of this delicoous treat any longer. So, in 2022, they starting producing and selling Liquid Lollipop in Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Mystery flavors.

In the not-to-distant future, look for Liquid Lollipop Labs candy dispensing machines at events, candy stores and more. In the meantime, try some of our deliciously liquidy candy flavors.